Monday, January 11, 2010

Things That Make Summit Tree Stands Top Notch

If you've been a deer hunter for many years you probably have spent a good sum on deer stands. I will truthfully say that I could doubtless get a nice used van for what I have spent in the last 10 years. I have to say that I have attempted almost every brand that I've heard of and some that I had not heard about before I purchased their stand and have come up with some that were great and a lot more that I should have left at the store. The stands that have been my favourite through the years are the Summit tree stands.
The Summit tree stands are simply a cut above the rest particularly when you're dealing with climbing stands. A climbing stand is one area that you don't desire to cut corners on safety or comfort and summit does an excellent job of ensuring that they offer you both. This stand has supplied me with excellent service and is cushty enough that I will sit in it all day long without becoming uncomfortable. The biggest problem I have while hunting from this tree stand it keeping from going to sleep. This tree stand isn't my recliner in my living room but it is not awfully far off. The seat has lots of cushion and the stand has adequate room for almost any size person.
Another area that Summit tree stands are fantastic is in the safety dep.. I have one Summit tree stand that i have had for 10 years now and have not had the 1st issue. It's got the original seat which is still in great shape. The planning of the stand makes me sit low enough in the upper frame that I don't feel just like I'm going to drop out of either side when the wind blows but high enough that when I stand to shoot my bow easily clears the rails. The cable climbing system grabs most any tree and holds like glue. I have climbed pines and virtually each sort of hardwood you can imagine and haven't had it slip on the tree at all.
if you want to learn more about Summit tree stands please check out my web site. There you will find reviews on Summit tree stands and plenty of other great hunting products.